#SuzyLFW: Victoria Beckham – 10 Years In Fashion

I’m still as enthusiastic, I’m still as excited and still as passionate – and you know I’m very driven, I love what I do and that hasn’t changed,” said Victoria Beckham after the waves of clapping for her 10th anniversary show had subsided.

“Each season is a challenge in different ways,” she continued. “Building a business is huge, so I’m learning a lot. Yet I still wake up every day and I love what I do. It’s about making women feel great and celebrating them. When I looked back over the last 10 years and I looked at all the collections – you know I was really emotional.”

Victoria celebrated her decade in fashion by both bringing her show back from New York to her native London – and absolutely laying to rest her early career as a Spice Girl.

For this landmark show, the designer introduced confident new ideas about fabrics and cut. Intriguing colours included a ginger jacket with a red striped top or purple and green chiffon skirt melding with a tweedy floral jacket.

These shades were inspired by the paintings of American-based British artist Nicola Tyson.

Another example of a fresh confidence was the use of lace giving subtle glimpses of skin. The result was more elegant than cheeky, and womanly without a hint of vulgarity.

All this proved how far ‘VB’, as her team knows her, has come from the first effort when, with her own commentary, she introduced her early looks in a tiny gallery in midtown New York.

Now her collection was live-streamed on the screens at Piccadilly Circus amongst a mash-up of her career highlights.

“When I saw the filming from the first presentation running on to last season, I was so emotional,” she said. “I actually I thought – I’m proud, I’m proud of me, I’m proud of my team. We’ve come a long way.”

Since I was there at the very beginning, I feel that I witnessed the growth. It was, of course, about growing up and – dare we say it – approaching middle age with energy and style.

Not for nothing was the Spring/Summer 2019 show kicked off by Stella Tenant, a model of classic and eternal beauty at age 47.

Art may not have been in Victoria Beckham’s heart at the start of her career, but it is now. Holding the show in the Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac positioned opposite her own store on London’s Dover Street, was a statement.

Then there is the art of holding together a family. David Beckham loyally led in their four children, while the eldest, Brooklyn, snapped photographs – in keeping with his career ambition.

What were the key visuals in the collection? First, there was a gentle treatment on traditionally mannish clothes, such as a top with soft trousers; or a streamlined striped dress for summer in the city. Those dresses, the skirts angular and cut on the bias, were the base of a wardrobe that anyone could do business with.

But softening the looks with peeps of lace at the neckline or silken underwear teamed with heavier dresses or trousers was also on the Beckham agenda.

“It really is about celebrating all women – not just the Victoria Beckham woman,” said Victoria. “But that’s who my customer wants to see.”