#CNILux: Mouawad and Amrapali – Jewellery For Generations

In a series of discussions on luxury jewellery at the CNI Luxury Conference this afternoon, Pascal Mouawad, co-guardian of the retail division of jewellery house Mouawad, and Tarang Arora, creative director and CEO of Amrapali, gave the gathered delegates an insight into their family owned businesses, and the approach that it takes to succeed in the modern-day luxury industry.

For Arora, it is the fact that his family has “stayed true to its Indian roots embracing the grace and spirituality” of their homeland that has made the brand, started by his father and uncle in 1978, a continued success. It’s also, he said, the company’s commitment to keeping the traditional crafts of his country alive, employing hundreds of artisans in small workshops across India, as well as being one of the first brands to be present in the West, making it the go-to brand for Indian jewels – something that only dedication and determination can achieve. “The company was started with $7,” he said. “I don’t believe that any business plan can make a brand a successful, you need a fire in your belly.”

Mouawad, on the other hand, explained that increased competition from “international brands (who) have entered the industry with big pockets” is forcing storied brands like his to act differently. But, he said, it’s his family’s rich brand equity and heritage, large inventory, vertical integration, technology and international reach that the company has established over four generations that are the brand’s secret weapons and which will enable the business to move on into the millennium.